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"The Future of Healthcare is Digital"

Advancing Patient-Centred Care Delivery

i-GP offers an innovative virtual care solution which is capable of treating 25% of a UK GPs daily workload which amounts to 70 million cases per year.

Utilising branching logic based on NICE guidelines architected within image enhanced proprietary software, the i-GP Platform is a world first in its design and offers the highest level of online care by digitizing healthcare interaction:

Intelligent algorithms power our Platform by utilising branching logic and internal scoring networks to grade patient symptoms and provide an evidence base for treatment. 

Patient data is curated through our Swarm Intelligence ( "Si") to standardise diagnosis and promote patient safety.

E-prescribing software enhances the prudence of antibiotic prescribing which is subjected to monthly audit and promotes more effective treatment with improved patient outcomes.

Our award-winning Platform is integrated with cutting-edge analytics for red flag assay, sepsis screening and state-of-the-art behavioural monitoring to prevent gamification of the service by the implementation of digital gatekeeping.

Our patient interface is a World first and very different from standard symptom checkers. Our conception harmonises images, videos and even links to our Wellness articles to promote a more dynamic engaging process focused on patient education and self-care strategies.

Inbuilt into the Platform is symptom-specific triage offering real-time advice and continuity of care with clinician-grade terminology as a prompt to next step best practice treatment.

The interface is also very easy to use, utilising tick box operation, a range of digital question formats and patient photo upload capabilities to assist diagnostic processes.

Surveys are conducted every two weeks to obtain a range of patient feedback and only to first-time users so as not to skew statistics. After tens of thousands of treated patients, the satisfaction score for "Si" is over 99%. 

Applying Scientific Evidence to Every Consultation

i-GP has innovated multiple new aspects to digital care for which we have received international recognition and multiple awards.

We have worked tirelessly over the years to focus our service on fulfilling regulatory requirements for online care. Many regard the UK health regulator to be the most intense around the globe so to meet their high demands is a testament to our experienced management team and company ethos. We are delighted to be rated Outstanding for our leadership by the Care Quality Commission ( CQC ) rating us as one of the very best digital care providers across the UK. 

Our clinical results have been presented at Digital Health Conferences from London to Dubai and from Paris to Mumbai to showcase the evidence we have established for our service. Within this assessment framework, the National Institute for Clinical Evidence has validated our model at Level 3B, the highest possible grade for an internet related service.

We work vigorously to maintain these very high levels of care and the benefits are enjoyed by our patients resulting in a rate of satisfaction exceeding 99%.

Impacting Healthcare All Over the World

Geolocation facilities allow us to monitor patient use globally and we are converting the Platform into 100 different languages to support diverse access. 

Machine Learning is being embedded within the Framework to further assist our diagnostic capabilities and prepare for future iterations of the service as we expand our condition base.

As the NHS is regularly regarded as the Number 1 healthcare service worldwide, our aim at i-GP is to offer the same high standards of care in the UK across the planet.