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Si: your helping hand to fast, safe and convenient care



Created by doctors who are motivated to improve your health, i-GP is the first responsive online treatment platform for minor illnesses in the United Kingdom offering real-time assessment using Si - a version of Swarm Intelligence. It also offers the first online prescription validation service for pharmacists to confirm issuing of the prescription ensuring clinical safety. This empowers patients in terms of choice and allows you the freedom to choose the most convenient chemist.


You have instant access to the Si assessment so no appointment is necessary. We aim for a treatment plan within 1 hour during our opening hours. There are no time constraints as with conventional appointments and there are no hidden fees. The entire Si system operates 24/7 because we recognise that illness can strike at any time.


The cost to receive the diagnosis, treatment plan and any private prescription is only £10. You will have to pay for the cost of the medication separately and this cost varies across pharmacies. 


The assessment you receive from Si is extremely thorough and based on all the questions your own GP would ask in the clinic. At i-GP, your safety is of the utmost importance so the system constantly filters your answers to ensure we only treat you if it is safe to do so. In the scenario where we cannot offer treatment, then you will be advised where to seek further medical advice and there will be no charge. Treatment plans are detailed and far more informative than standard consultation advice. Any follow up advice for treated patients is also free.


We are registered with the Care Quality Commission and all the information you provide is kept completely safe and secure using the highest levels of encryption available. We use private servers to store your information and we will not share this information with any third person. We are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) - the office responsible for the enforcement of the Data Protection Act 2018.