How It Works

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  • diagnosis & treatment

Step 1

Transport Yourself to the Doctor's Room

We understand that sometimes you may need treatment for a simple condition, but are unable to see your own GP. This is why we created i-GP to provide high-quality, affordable online care to fit around you.

Meet Ava, she has a job interview and needs fast and trusted medical advice.

Step 2

Start a Diagnosis

Complete your online digital consultation which operates 24/7. Quicker access to healthcare can shorten your recovery period. 

Created from rigorous clinical protocols and decades of NHS experience, we offer high standards of care to help you get better. If we are unable to treat you, then there is no charge and you are offered free advice.

Behind every digital consultation is a GMC Registered UK GP to provide their helping hand across our network and a treatment plan you can trust. 

Step 3

The Recovery Begins

You will receive a personalised treatment plan and private prescription when appropriate with the medicine cost often less than an NHS prescription charge.

Our digital treatment plans offer extensive advice about your condition, how to prevent it from recurring and which remedies you can also buy over the counter to help your symptoms. 

Pick up and pay for your medication from your local pharmacy. During our opening hours, over 90% of our patients are able to collect their medication from the chemist within two hours. 

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